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100% of customers that don’t know you exist will never buy from you. NEVER. With the invention of the Internet, you now have a great tool to be found and yet, there’s still work to be done. Design N Rank builds your client list using our wide range of effective strategies:


Meta Tags Optimization

Meta tags are one of the main driving factors when it comes to search results. However, many website owners have absolutely no idea what they are or how they work. Essentially, your meta tags tell search engines like Google what your page is about and what they should do with it. What we will do, is go through all the meta tags on every page of your site and optimize them to include your business’s location as well as other keywords about the services and products you offer.

*Meta tag optimization is done on websites built by Design N Rank. If your website was not built by Design N Rank additional charges may apply.


Keyword Density Perfection

Search engines like Google use complex algorithms to determine their search results, and keyword density plays a large part in how high you rank. These keywords describe what your business does, where it’s located, and other important concepts.

Our keyword density perfection process ensures that you’re using varied keywords at the right frequency to improve how your site indexes and is ranked.


URL Optimization

Simply put, a URL is the string of text you see in your browser’s address bar – look up and you’ll see one right now. On many sites, these URLs are a jumble of numbers and letters, but URLs that are composed of words relating to the page’s content actually affect its rank.

In going through your site, we’ll optimize your URLs with relevant keywords, a better format, and improve naming consistency to deliver a better end user experience.


Image Optimization

While images can help your site look less boring to the average visitor, they can mean far more to search engines. Every picture has hidden tags that are examined by search engines and added to the algorithm that determines where the page will show up in search results.

Using our image optimization service, we’ll go over the pictures on your site, adding and organizing tags to ensure that they’re all in perfect condition for a higher search ranking.


Robots.txt Creation

When a search engine comes to your website, it needs to be told what to do and that’s exactly why every site should have a robots.txt file. This file provides crucial guidance, prioritizing pages on your site and telling the engine what should be indexed.

Our robots.txt file creation will help guide search engines (and potential customers) to the pages that you want them to see.


Sitemap Creation and Submission

A sitemap is what you would expect from the name: a diagram that shows all of the web pages on your site. Search engines will look through sitemaps and use them to glean more data about a site which they can then use to determine the search engine ranking.

We can help you create a sitemap and then submit it to Google and other search engines so that you can get the best possible search engine results.


Traffic Analytics

Statistics are vital to running any business, and an owner who ignores the data is one who won't get far. Your site's analytics are crucial when it comes to determining what works well and what needs fixing, and we're able to help you set up the perfect analytics system for your needs.

You’ll be able to learn things like which keywords are bringing in the most traffic, how long people are visiting your site, and how many conversions you are making.


Citations Submission

A citation is when your website is mentioned anywhere else on the internet. This can either be in comments, articles, or social media posts, and your number of citations and their quality will affect your search engine ranking. More reputable sites will give you better citations.

Our citations submission service will help ensure that your citations pop up on established sites that will do more to improve your search engine ranking.

Please Note: To complete some of these optimization tasks, Design N Rank must be supplied with the login credentials to your website. Keep in mind that some builder sites may not have the capabilities to allow all these optimizations.



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